This is how men will take advantage of transactivist identity politics.

What is not new, is that an event for women only has been shut down by men. An event for female game developers to host conferences and network has been shut down by men who have been made too intensely uncomfortable by the reality of women being independent beings seeking out and immersing themselves in some fun without them. When that hobby is something that is typically seen as a noble stick of masculine measurement, women going anywhere near it seems to be particularly infuriating, which is nice to see.

What is a little bit new, is the way these men are activating their seething, bubbling misogyny. They have been threatening to infiltrate the event as “female transexuals”. Clearly not in the least bit intimidated by the obsessive cult-like activism of transactivism and ‘queer’ politics, they have seem the new fashionable feminism as a key on a plate to get what they want. It’s almost as if this fancy new activism wasn’t even aimed at them anyway, and is instead a way of attacking ourselves and destructing real feminism.

Defining demographics of people based on something as fundamentally subjective and easily misunderstood as ‘self-identity’ is going to cause us major problems and be taken advantage of. In the incessant watering down of ‘trans’ to mean anyone who once wore a dress a bit too frilly for their comfort, transactivists have made themselves responsible for the harmful trivialisation and oversimplification of being trans which they themselves accuse everybody else of doing. The men shutting the event down don’t even realise how easy the job has been made for them – they talk about getting costumes and dressing up, but how cisnormative of them! Nowadays, there is no need! We are all open minded enough to accept any old sentence that comes out of a man’s mouths if it includes the words ‘identify as’. The utterance itself is everything, the description and the proof in one.

The breaking down of a logical, analytical definition of ‘woman’ which corresponds to reality has positively invited these acts of stooping confidently under the umbrella of womanhood when there’s something going on underneath it you’re really not happy about. We planted the seed of the idea into men to try shouting at us from the inside, rather than the outside, and on top of that rid ourselves of all the tools to try and kick them out again. If they swear that they identify as a woman and that they find the concept of ‘passing’ transphobic because their beards and 6 foot statures are just new ways to be a woman, what can we do? If they go back to being a normal bloke the next day, then he’s just gender fluid. What can we do? In the past we could at least have beefed up on protection and surveillance, but our own ‘progressive’ activism has made that as useless as trying to hit a ghost with a stick. This has formed a brand new gateway of harm for men to use towards women. The reality is harm to women, and this is a prime example. This is why transactivism is becoming known as anti-women.

This means that trans ideology is rendering some of the most feminist acts obsolete. In response to the sickeningly high incidence of rape and sexual assault and festivals, Sweden is cancelling its biggest rock festival next year and a female-only one will be held. This, I think, is brilliant. It’s doesn’t excuse men (it’s “until they learn to behave themselves”) nor does it blame women or shoulder them with the requirement to change their behaviour and miss out due to what the men are doing. And yet, if we closely at the wording… open to… “non-men”. It’s not clear yet, but it looks to me like a nod to the concept of a whole spectrum of genders being welcome outside of ‘man’. In accommodating the nonsense of multiple genders we accommodate men who don’t like this idea and pose a very real danger to it, and I suspect there’ll be a few. These angry and entitled men need only pick a gender, whether it be non-binary, genderfluid, or demi-gendered, to gain access the event, rendering it not women-only in any real sense. So now this is the reality of the political strength of these events, and although we may be in denial of these facts ourselves, the men most certainly are not.

The consequences of this activism only escalates in seriousness as you consider the different female-only areas in debate; women’s bathrooms, women’s prisons, women’s shelters. Liberals argue that it’s absurd to suggest that a man would go through transition just to gain access to women’s toilets to assault us, especially if he is a creepy abuser already, as creepy abusers will creepily abuse as they please, regardless of the law. But those same liberals are placing the bar for ‘being trans’ so low that now, it’s sitting in the ground, useless, providing no need to even pick up your step. It’s inevitable that men are going to tap into the power of the words “I identify as a woman” in order to get their way, just as they have been tapping into the power of “women are meant by nature to cook and clean” in order to get women to serve them. Do I think an abuser would take advantage of ‘identifying as a woman’ to make it easier for him to do extremely harmful and illegal things? Yes, I absolutely do. You really don’t think angry violent men won’t do this, considering men who were just angry that a gaming event is taking place with them, did?


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