Please read the shades of grey in my opinions and don’t reach for an extreme viewpoint in my writing and run with it. I am certainly looking for conversation so long as you aren’t looking for a fight.

I write about my thoughts, my experiences, politically driven observations and pluck for certain philosophical accounts of the world and mind and ethics. And moaning. Cynical, bitter moaning. I will be moaning a lot about the hijacking of important movements tackling structural and global injustice, by individualistic (read ‘self-absorbed’), commercialised and largely incoherent strains of activism. I am a radical feminist, offended and horrified by what mainstream liberal feminism has become.

I am a white, straight, 24 year old woman living in England. I enjoy dog walking, horseriding, teatime, and absorbing information through documentaries and books. I have a degree and masters degree in philosophy. I am super interested in radical feminism, gender, politics, psychology and the people around me. I am also on tumblr and twitter.